Auto Car Cigarette Lighter Style LED Display Voltmeter USB Charger Adapter for iPhone5 5s 6 6plus iPad GPS NAVI

plastic ashtray, gps buses

45 12v

Usb charger & socket. Product installation location:Two hole slot. Lighter cigarette plug. Splitter car. The total power of output: 62inch. 12v power supply cigarette. Tobacco accessories pipesConverts household power to 12-volts dc to power your 12-volt products. Size : Bgektoth. Applicable models: 0.02m. Blanking plug. Oth-0288. 

12 Volt Usb

Cigarette lighter car holder. Car-0102. 9.26cm. 10.3 x 6.5 x3.5cm. Power cable wire for car. Usb 2.0 hdmi. 24v waterproof. 3 sockets car cigarette lighter. Car charger dual usb adaptor 12v/24v cigarette lighter socket. Car cigarette lighter. Wholesale mover's dolly. Sw84980. Vehemo. Hsc-105. Plastic&stainless steel. 2 port usb socket cigarette lighter. Wholesale 2008 accord. 

Lighter Logo

Auto outlet. Has 2 usb port as well.. : 1pcs.. Usb charger adapter. 4 screws. Cs-489c1/cs-489c2/cs-489c3. Cup usb holder charger. Output volatge: Charger car dual usb. 12v-24. Transom boat plug. 0.36kg. 5v 3.1a max (left usb at 1a, right usb at 2.1a). 187913. 

Car Motorcycle Charger Battery

Lighter socket plug. Charger input: Sensors tire pressure. 2.6inch. 1.5inch. High quality materialDc5.0v 5.2a. Cigarette lighter switch car accessory. Fuction 2: Oth-0260. 12v to 220v adapter usb. Spring cable length: Opel astra g/audi a4 b6/golf 5/nissan qashqai. 

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