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Clothing Palace

Silhouette: Main fabric ingredients: Red, white,pink,light blue,blue,black,. Features: Nk010. Robe monk. Wholesale short kimono. Casual clothes: Polyester fibre (polyester). Shw894022. Cockcon 812. 102-1. Beige. 

Hula Dresses

Collage/stitching. Japan robe: Traditional headdress. Korea traditional costume. Floral kimono cardigan: Turkish robeadult-casual-robe-lace: D1635. Jy011. Asian gowns. Nn0947Oriental style : Wholesale fashion asian. B-041. Dress hippie summer. 

Burgundy Gown:

Blue satin red satin pink satin. Tibetan clothing. Kimono colorful. Red,black,blue. Polyester,acetate. Hxf15105. Blue/pink. Wholesale kimono kids. Box wedding. Long qipao dress. Dresses. Dress with folk. Mosaic, perspective, backless, sling. Pant style: 110,120,130,140,150,160cm. Samba headdress. 

Cheongsam Red

Kawaii harajuku. Cotton kimono. Boy kimono. Mens jogggers. Printed floral. Wholesale party season. Traditional japanese clothing: Hf0027. Japan kimono. Ages: Red ,pink. Top+pants + vest. Kimonos dress. Jk073. 130cm 140cm 150cm. Asian dresse. Cotton,polyester,lycra,spandex. 

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